Sunday, June 28, 2009


Today's been spent "relaxing" in my new home....reading a book...surfing the net...puncuated about every 1o minutes with a "Maaarrgge"...or a "Ma-aaa-rge" or a "Margeeee"(I think he's realizing I'm getting sick of hearing it, so he tries to say it differently each IF that will make it more palateable) coming from up the rickety(sp?) stairs.....where I then proceed to hold wallboard for a few secs while he screws it into the 2 by 4 framing.....then back down to try and read another Chapter or Post ..or maybe even get IN a quick Post of my own...LOL

I swear to God...I better be getting Thighs of Steel from all the stair climbing I've done today!

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Happy@Home said...

Thanks for your recent visit and kind comments on my bluebird accessories. I bought them a few years ago at a local Hallmark store.
I'm so glad you took the time to comment so that I could come and visit you. I see you live in Virginia. We just returned from a short trip there. Although we weren't near Chesapeake we thought it was beautiful countryside.


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