Friday, June 05, 2009

Moving Days!'s finally happening...I am moving!!! Yay...I get to live with the Commander again!!! The movers came today and tonight half my house is packed up. Kitchen..looking pretty scarce....
Dining Room
One side of the Living Room
(the Red Futon is Drama Teens...we've been using it since the first movers came and took our couch...she'll be bringing it to JMU next fall)
View of the Other Side
Small Computer Room and Bedroom Upsgtairs
(this is the only area they packed upstairs)
They'll be coming back on Monday to finish the rest, and hopefully loading our stuff on the BIG truck on Tuesday! Commander is flying in help with the final cleanup and all. And then he's driving up to WI with me. We have all week to get up there, so who knows we might stop off a few places on the way. Of course we'll be driving up to Harrisonburg to see the Drama Teen....Gosh it's so hard to leave her behind! But she wants to stay at school. She'll be taking some courses over the summer.

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