Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Day in Two Rivers

Gosh, it's been a while , huh?
Lot's has been going on and I've had so many things I've been wanting to blog but not really had the motivation to actually sit down and blog it!...If I get the energy later I'll try to catch everything up. For today I figured I'll just post about my day.
I've been enjoying having a clothesline here in Two Rivers( they weren't allowed in my old Chesapeake Neighborhood) So today started with some Laundry. I haven't yet gotten one of those clothespin holder thingies that you hang on the, for now, I just clip a bunch to the hem of my shirt......After hanging my laundry for the day, I needed to pick some raspberries before the birds get to them all.I managed to fill a small bowl...I planned to do something special with these later in day, but not before snacking on a few!..LOL
Then I thought I'd share a few pics of our garden here in Two Rivers. Our HUGE Crazy mega Tomato Plant. We also have a smaller cherry tomato plant that I forgot to take a pic of.These are the beets....we've been eating these for the last week or so. Off to the right you can see Lettuce(the lighter leaves there) . We've been eating it for weeks. CDR actually cleared it all out when he came home today because it was pretty much done. We're going to plant some more.These are the green beans...we should be getting some in soon.The Peas are just about ready...I think in another day or so I'll have some to harvest.
Green Pepper plants. We picked our first couple for dinner tonight. I'll be using them in a chicken dish.These are what's 'blooming' in the Garden these days....Here's what I did with those Raspberries I picked earlier. It's some kind of Raspberry Cookie Bars. While this was baking in the oven, I took my clothes off the line and decided to fold them outside on the patio table since it's such a beautiful day. While I folded CDR picked some beets for tonights dinner( and also cleared out that old lettuce I mentioned earlier)

Here are the beets. Washed and ready to be peeled.They turn my hands bright pink!I love the look of them sliced...all the colorful rings.And these will be used in a Chicken Dish I'm making tonight.Of course I did a few other things today as well. Made the bed, did some dishes, etc etc. I even read for a while this morning...and of course hung out online......LOL

IN a bit I'll start tonight's dinner and then I'll have dishes to do and a kitchen to clean. And who knows what CDR and I will do later tonight...maybe go for a drive, or just hang out together on the front porch.

Update: So here I am getting ready to start dinner. I made a modified version of this recipe.
Although I didn't have any Apricot Preserves, but I did have some Orange Pineapple Marmalade with Mint and Carrots that I used instead. I also didn't have any Broth or Sherry, so I used wine instead. It turned out really great. I served it with some leftover Jasmine Rice from a few nights ago...and the beets of course.
Oh, and I chose to cook it on the stove rather than microwave the whole thing. I cooked the chicken with the Green Peppers and heated the 'sauce' in a separate small pot. When it was all pretty much done I mixed the sauce in with the chicken and let it simmer for a few minutes more.

Dishes were washed right after Dinner.

And for tonights entertainment we didn't go for a drive or relax on the porch( well ok I 'tried' to relax on the porch...but was interrupted every two minutes by CDR yelling 'Marrrrge") In my spare time I often get to 'help" CDR with the house rennovations. I get to hold up wallboard, Hand him screws, help him carry plywood....etc etc. Tonight was no exception.

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kritterc said...

Garden looks great!! I have decided to put in a raised bed garden. It is too late to plant much here, but next spring - watch out!!


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