Thursday, March 19, 2009

Traveling With My Girls

After Drama Teen's week of Spring break, the girls and I all packed up for the next part of our Spring Trips. First we had to take Drama Teen back up to JMU. We left late Sunday took them all day to finish their packing. We finally got on the road at about 4:30pm. We checked into our hotel then dropped Drama Teen off at her dorm. She had a early morning class on Monday that ended at about 9:00 so we stuck around to take her to Breakfast before starting on the next leg of our trips.After a pretty decent breakfast at IHOP. Co-ed and I got o0n the road for SC. We planned to stop and see my brother and his family on our way down to Florida. We arrived in SC that evening. My brother was stuck on the base for a while but finally made it home. We had dinner and spent all night visiting. He has two of the most adorable daughters... The next morning we got back on the Road for Pensacola to see the Co-ed boyfriend. We unloaded all her stuff, then went out for Sushi.....afterwards I checked into the Crowne Plaza Hotel downtown. OMG! What a GREAT Hotel. I was shocked at how nice it was..I was not expecting such a nice place. I had an awesome view of the area from my 9th floor room.

Apparently this Hotel used to be an old Train Depot, which they renovated and added on to. It was really cool. The next day co-ed and I headed to the Pensacola Beaches for a day of Sun and Surf. We had a nice lunch at a cute place right on the water. Did a little 'tourist' shopping and walked the piers and beach. Then headed back into town to meet up with the boyfriend again before taking off for Biloxi to visit with my family.

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