Saturday, March 14, 2009

Spring Break?

So last Friday Co-ed and I drove up to Harrisonburg to pick up the Drama Teen for Spring Break...Unfortunately we really didn't have much of anything BIG planned for her break...There's just so much going on these days. What with me spending most of February in WI and then Co-ed and I planning a big Florida Trip for AFTER Drama Teens break. But we did manage to have some fun times thru-out the week.

Having Lunch in Harrisonburg

First we picked up Drama Teen....then we headed to Winchester to see their Aunt and Cousins...It was a fun visit..we spent the afternoon which was enough....LOL....SIL has 4 rambunctious kids and a menagerie of animals. The weather up there was absolutely wonderful, it was almost HOT , so we got to spend the afternoon outside.

We then went into town to stay at our Hotel. The George Washington Hotel in Winchester. It was a really nice hotel and we had a really nice restful night. We had planned to head into DC the next day to meet up with a group from our Church who were going to the National Shrine for a Confirmation Trip. Winchester is only about a couple hours away so we didn't have to get on the road until late morning. We were able to have a nice Breakfast at the Hotel.

Co-ed's Breakfast Eggs Benedict
My Breakfast-Onion and Mushroom Frittata
Drama Teens Breakfast-Raspberry Pancakes

Drama Teen took some pics as we drove thru DC....

The National Shrine was lovely as usual. It's such a beautiful place. No matter how often I go I'm always amazed at how beautiful it really is. Again the weather was absolutely beautiful! I hated to spend the day INSIDE the building.

The Pope's Chair(from his visit last May)

Monday proved to be another GORGEOUS day! The girls and I went to Lunch and Shopping. Went on a MAJOR Spree at Rose's ( a discount store in the area). We got a LOT of really cute Spring stuff at really great prices. I don't go often as they usually don't have our 'style' of stuff....but in the Spring they usually get some pretty cute sundresses and tops. This time they even had some pretty nice dressy dresses. The girls had a lot of fun trying on clothes and looking at accessories. Then on the way home the weather was just sooo beautiful we stopped at Brusters for Ice Cream and sat outside at the picnic tables while we ate it.

Lunch at RoseBay Seafood

Shopping at Rose's

I ce Cream at Bruster's
Wednesday was another really BEAUTIFUL day. So we did more shopping and lunch. This time Drama Teen wanted to get some spring fabric to make Easter Dresses for herself and her college room-mate. We found some nice fabric at Jo-Ann's . A pale Green eyelet for her room-mate and a beautiful Pale Turquoise fabric with Sparkles for her. Then we headed to Tropical Smootie for a quick lunch.
My girls like to do this weird 'winky' thing with each's creepy...LOLThe rest of the week has turned cold and rainy so that pretty much put an end to most of our fun. It's good though, because both girls really needed to go thru their stuff and get rid of things they don't want anymore and both also had packing to do. Drama Teen -to head back to school, and Co-ed to move to Florida.
Tomorrow we'll head up Harrisonburg to drop off Drama Teen and then we'll be heading straight to FL for Co-ed's move. ( Well not 'straight" ..we'll be stopping to visit with my brother in SC, and we thought we'd pop over to Charleston for an afternoon. Pensacola to drop off all her stuff at the boyfriends apartment...and then to Biloxi to visit my parents)

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