Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Back Again After All These Months!

Can't believe I haven't posted anything since November!! Yikes! I keep meaning to update but then keep putting it off. So much has been going on at Chez Maggii!

Ok so the BIG news is that the Co-ed got ENGAGED!!!!!!! Yes! Back in OCTOBER! I've been meaning to come up with the right post to announce it, but nothing ever seemed 'right'. I had really wanted to share all the details and just haven't found the time. The Wedding is barely a month away now! July 7th  and is taking place in New Jersey. It's been fun but difficult planning. We live in Wisconsin and Co-ed lives in Oklahoma, so planning a Jersey wedding has been interesting.

This past weekend we hosted a Bridal Shower for the Co-ed. She's here for a few weeks then will be heading up to Jersey to finalize Wedding Plans. I may or may not be going up early with her, as well. CDR and I, are super-excited about it all. Ok ..I 'might' be a little MORE excited than him. But, he's pretty happy too. We really love her Fiance and been hoping for a Wedding for a while now....

In other News....the Drama 'Teen" (not a "teen' anymore) is home , or at least in the state for good! She is tranferring to the University of Wisconsin at Oshkosh! For now she is at 'home' with us, but will be moving to an apartment in Oshkosh soon , with her cousin and her boyfriend.

So that is all the BIG news for now...I'll try not to let months go by before posting again. I really want to get my blog back up and running regularly ...I have lots of ideas for how I want to go forward. I just need to stopping dallying and get it done!

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