Thursday, November 17, 2011

What I Wore Today

Yep..back to posting outfits hopefully. I  have found myself in sweats WAAAYYYYY too much lately. Between living in Wisconsin and just wanting to hibernate come fall, and dealing with my husbands work schedule, I find myself spending way too many days in sweats. Especially the last couple of months. CDR is on the night shift, which means he leaves in the afternoon and comes home early in the morning. I get up about an hour or so later and just throw a t-shirt and sweats on quickly so as not to disturb him too much. Then I stay out of the bedroom until he gets up , which isn't until around 2:00ish or so. By then I feel like why bother changing? Especially since now I'm on a Get Fit kick as well and do my workout right after he leaves for work. I have all these beautiful , cute clothes just sitting in my closet and I'm hardly wearing any of them these days! So THAT has GOT to STOP! I'm not going to do any kind of 'Official" Challenge or anything. We all know how well THOSE go..I manage 3 days and then forget or drop off the face of the earth. So NO promises. But I do plan to start actually getting 'dressed' each day. Sometimes I think I should do one of those NO SHOPPING challenges, but again I don't really want to commit to anything. I have been shopping MUCH less these days. I don't really feel like I NEED very much anymore. Like I said I have a huge closet FULL of many nice things. I'd like to at least wear some of them before buying more. Yesterday I made the decision to try. I decided what I need to do is pick each outfit the night before and have it all ready outside our bedroom. That way when I'm ready to 'get dressed" (I'm not usually ready to be 'dressed' when I first get up, I like to 'ease' into it) I can without disturbing CDR's sleep. And it was funny because while I was rooting around in the Closet to find my outfit for today I came across ALL kinds of stuff I totally forgot I had.....some never worn!! Like those little short suede Desert Boots that seem to be in this fall. I was just looking at a few Fashion Blogs earlier in the day and wishing I had a pair. LOW and BEHOLD ..I DO!!!!! I totally forgot that I bought some a couple months ago at Target!! Never even more em yet. They are part of today's outfit. I didn't actually wear them today either as I didn't go anywhere , but I had them out , just in case. And I did wear them for my pic. I also found a sweater I bought last year and only wore once and totally forgot. I Plan to wear it tomorrow. And those were just the tip of the iceburg, I found sooo much more!  So on to today's outfit. I will probably cross post this to my Style Blog. I'll mostly be posting OOTD there but will occasionally cross post them here too.
  Pink Cowl Sweater-Old Navy-bought a few years ago.It's hard to see in the pic, but there a front pocket on this , kinda like a sweatshirt.It's super comfy.
Brown Cargo Skirt-Target-recent Goodwill purchase.
Brown Tights-Willow Bay-couple years ago.
Suede Desert Boots-Target-recently.

The tights were actually very uncomfortable, the fit fine in the legs but the panty portion of the tights were too tight and also didn't come all the way to my waist and wanted to roll down. I suffered in them until CDR got up, but then changed to a pair that fit perfectly. Over all the outfit was comfortable and I felt good in it . It still had that slouchy just hanging around the house feel but I looked a little cuter!The shoes only stayed on long enough to take this picture..LOL
Here is what I REALLY wore all day:

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