Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Favorites

 I thought I'd share some of my favorite things on Fridays from now on. I would have to say my all-time Favorite of anything and everything right now is ANYTHING Lilly Pulitzer! OMG! I fell in love with Lilly about a decade ago when I read an article about her in a Magazine( I think it was Towne and Country) At the time I'd have loved to own any of her dresses but they are a little on the steep end and at the time I didn't feel I could afford them. But, I signed up for her catalogues and dreamed of all the dresses I could get if money were no object. I would say I became obsessed back then, but I am now fully in the throws of obsession! It started with my first "Lilly" purchases on e-Bay about 5 years ago. Then I found a cute 'Lilly' skirt at Marshalls. I laid low for the next few years. But last year I started scouting "Lilly' on e-Bay again and started finding some REALLY cute stuff at good prices. And finally a couple of months ago I just started buying it full price online! Hard-core, I know!! One of the things I love is that every so often they have 'gifts with purchase", so I like to take advantage of those. You are able to get limited edition items that can't be bought. Today I am completely in the throws of a complete and total Lilly Wonderland Obsession!( Have I mentioned I'm obsessed????) Here is just a sampling of my 'loot':

First is my Nook Color with my Lilly P cover. I LOVE this thing. It was one of my Christmas gifts this year. I had an I-touch with the Kindle App that I had been downloading books onto and it was 'ok', but really small to read on, so I asked for the Nook this year. It took a little sweet talking( actually after pointing out the Pool Table, Ping Pong Table and Treadmill CDR had bought for himself, he realized I wasn't being overly demanding) so he caved and got it for me. I read in bed everynight while I wait for him to get home from work( he's been on a grueling schedule of working 6 days a week , 12 hours a day-Noon to Midnight-hoping to quit at the end of the year though-he's making really good overtime, and we are building our savings with it so he can quit)

 These cute plastic cups..I drink my water and juice out of them everyday....
 I got this adorable little cushion on e-Bay when we first moved makes me happy, especially on these gray, gloomy days.
 My agenda, and a journal........make me happy to greet each day!
 A small sampling of the dresses I've been collecting. Most from e-Bay.
 And finally......This adorable cutie was one of those "Gift with Purchase" things. It came with my last regular order. I've noticed people selling these on e-Bay for upwards of $40!!! I plan on keeping mine though!

This is just a small sample of my Lilly obsession....Stay tuned for more as I'm sure there WILL be more posted about this in the future(since I'm obsessed and all).

And here are a couple of "Lilly" blogs I'd like to share as well:

A Colorful Blog - the Official Lilly Blog
The Juice Stand -hosted by one of the Via Stores(also where I got the Cute Print at the Top of my post)

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