Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas with the Leonhardts

I'm hoping everyone had a Very Merry Christmas this year. Ours turned out to be quite nice. Commander flew in last week for the Co-ed's Graduation Ceremony and had enough vacation days to stay until this coming Sunday! We went to Mass on Christmas Eve and then to our Good Friends the Villorentes for a Christmas Eve party that lasted until Midnight.

On Christmas Morning we( the Parental Figures) woke up too late to open presents before Mass...much to C0-ed's disappointment....she's ALL about Presents..LOL

Mass was pretty empty ..I guess everyone was too busy opening gifts and playing with all their new cool stuff.....or sleeping in.....but we were there! I think there were more people in the Choir than in the Pews..LOL

After we arrived home we wasted NO time in the exchanging of gifts...everyone seemed pleased with their loot.

Big Zelda fan......Co-ed got the same shirt...LOL ( she dressed as Zelda for Halloween this year)As you can see she REALLY needed this Book!!I think she was more excited about recieving this than any other of her gifts...including the DVD of Mama Mia!And Co-ed was absolutely ecstatic about her new Flat Screen LCD TV!! It was too big to wrap and put under the Tree so she had to go Fish it out of the closet in the downstairs bedroom....she was a little worried when all the gifts under the Tree were unwrapped and she was the only one who hadn't recieved a 'big' gift.....Drama Teen had gotten a new I-Pod Classic...Genious Boy a Navigation ,a Laptop and Commander a huge tool Cabinet......her squeals coming from the Closet were priceless!!

I was quite pleased with family was VERY good to me this year....Commander finally replaced my dead Laptop! I am now the proud owner of a Toshiba Satellite!
Genious Boy got me a game.....

Commander also bought me a few unique jewelry items at a Craft Fair that my SIL dragged him to earlier this month.....THANK-YOU Kathy!!!!!!

He also found this gorgeous and incredibly soft Cashmere Scarf at the Craft Fair......

Co-ed Knows me too well.......LOL
Everyone got these Beautiful FREE T-shirts from VA Tech(the bookstore hands them out Free at the beginning of each semester..LOL..they have tons so she was able to snag enough for all of us and still have a few left...

Co-ed also gave me this pretty sweater....

More gifts from the Co-ed and Drama Teen........hmmmnn Drama Teen has been wanting to read Twilight for a while....ulterior motives????? Co-ed aslo got me some Cute Ankle Boots( I forgot to take a picture)
Finally....Commander got me Tickets to see Wicked!! in February.....this also means I 'll get to fly up to WI for a visit!!

My living room looked like a tornado hit it after the Gift Giving Frenzy was I began to prepare our Awesome Christmas Dinner the rest of the family took some time to lounge around.....the girls did help out here and there with some cutting a peeling....Christmas Dinner:
Sweet Potato Casserole
Fruit and Wild Rice Dressing
Potatoes Dauphine
Glazed Spiral Ham
and Dinner Rolls....
Lets Eat!!!

And finally I leave you all with another Video of Mary Did You Know with Both girls singing. They sang it for Communion at Christmas Mass.

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