Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What's For Dinner

So Real housewives of New Jersey Season started a couple weeks ago. Have you been watching? OMG! I am totally Team Teresa! How about you? I can't believe what went down at her Brother's Baby's Christianing Ceremony!?? I've always kinda liked Teresa, even though she can be a bit trashy, IMO, and is definately a bit of a Hothead! But her SIL Melissa??? Oh my! Didn't think anyone could be that bad! Can NOT stand her! I'm a little disappointed about all their(Teresa and Joe's) financial issues although I'm not surprised and it's not like she's the only one. Look at all the OC couples. Most of them are in forclosure. They are all soooo living above their means, but for some reason I'm still fascinated with their lifestyles.  So ...what's that got to do with Dinner you ask? Well...the other day I was able to pick up Teresa's new Cook Book, Fabulicious!

 I already had her first one- Skinny Italian and had made a few of the recipes and been quite pleased. So , today I decided to try one from the new book. Pookie's Pesce Primavera. Oh wow. Soooooo good! And, soooooo easy to make.

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